Kirsten: Hawai’i always felt like home to me, especially since I had family from Oahu who would always show us how “the locals do” whenever we came to visit! To this very day, I’ve never set foot in Hanauma Bay… and I live here now! In November 2018, it was my first time visiting my family all by myself and I was excited to be able to go around and galavant as a young woman without parental supervision should when visiting the island! And low-and-behold: two days into my trip and I met Bryson! He and my cousin Deivan took me all around the island to explore all the foodie spots as well as some of the hikes I hadn’t yet done. Some would say that they don’t prefer the island life due to it feeling “too slow” or that it’s “restrictive” since you’d be living on a tiny populated rock… but so far, I love it. The people are lovely and welcoming, I’ve made all sorts of new friends, and overall, I just adore the fact that I can say I live in Hawai’i now. Since moving here, I learned so much about the history of the land and particularly of this beautiful island. This island has much to offer. If ever you decide to come by and visit, contact me and Bryce and we’ll show you around! Aloha and mahalos.