We are Bryson and Kirsten, the creators and curators of The Sagitaurus Collective.


Our life together has been one journey after the other. We met while on vacation in 2018, began a long-distance relationship, and moved in together on the island of O'ahu in 2019. Since teaming up, we have written several blogs, made a handful of vlogs, opened up our own Etsy shop and even self-published a poetry book. ​


We love having the opportunity to share our journeys and passions with others. We hope that our life lessons and travels will help to inspire you. Read on, explore, and experience the world with us. Mahalo and salamat.



Q: What are your ethnicities?

K: We get this question A LOT. Bryson is predominantly Hawaiian-Irish-Filipino and I am Filipino.

Q: What is a "SAGITAURUS"?

K: Duh! It's our star signs! We are a Taurus and Sagittarius pairing. If you take a look closely at our logo, you'll see our respective stars under the sun (bottom) and the moon (top). ​ The one who actually came up with this neat-o name was... Bryson! During a blogger's brain storming session, we came up with over 40 different names, and "Sagitaurus" was the one that just stuck!

Q: Do you do collabs or help with social branding and content?

K: Oh absolutely! If you head on to our portfolio section, not only will you get to see a list of our skills but you'll also get our individual email addresses to contact us!


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