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Kirsten: 2018 was the year I decided to go on my very first solo trip to the northern island of Aotearoa (New Zealand). As soon as I landed I took my rental car and headed south to the beautiful countryside of Matamata. Spent a couple of days there and rode the bus to Rotorua where I spent two days of my time immersing myself in the Māori culture. I then drove back up to Auckland and stayed in the city, exploring the whole of North and South Auckland until it was time for me to return back to the states. In such a short span of time, I learned so much about this country as a whole, the city of Auckland, and the beautiful Māori culture. Its people were nothing but kind, generous, and hospitable. I met many people, learned so many lessons, made some friends along the way, and I departed with a heart so full of wonderfully warm memories. This country touched my heart and soul.

Aroha mai, aroha atu.
Ka kite anō au i a koutou.

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