LAYOVERS & Learning How to Like 'Em

Not much fun at first thought, but I've found that layovers aren’t actually a bad thing! Here are a few reasons to appreciate layovers and ways to actually enjoy them.


Ugh. They're the limbo between your every-day-life and the vacation you are (SO VERY MUCH) looking forward to. There you are: stuck in the middle of the airport, tired from the cramped flight and last night's last minute packing... They're not much fun at first thought, but I've found that layovers aren’t actually such a bad thing. Here are a few reasons to appreciate layovers and ways to actually enjoy them.

1. Get a Move On

One of the first things I used to do as soon as I got off of the 8+ hour plane ride was to get to my next gate ASAP and sit there—for another long period of time just waiting to board the next plane. Now I look back at it and see the foolishness of my ways! Sitting for long periods of time at work, home, and most especially on a lengthy plane ride can have very harmful effects on your body. There are quite a few ways air travel can negatively affect your body—including bloating, nausea, dehydration, back pain, and poor circulation. FORNUNATELY, layovers can serve as the perfect break from the stresses your body endures as you travel! What a relief.

Here are some ideas to get you moving:

  1. Take a swift and speedy stroll around the airport to prevent the development of blood clots in your legs.

  2. Bring resistance bands on your carry on for some strength training.

  3. Get creative and do some stretches while you're waiting.

There are even some airports that have designated areas for exercise!

2. Browse and Carouse the Shops

All Blacks Store at Auckland International Airport in New Zealand (photo by Kirsten D.)

Many airports—especially larger international ones—offer travelers with unique shopping opportunities that go far beyond the magazine and knick-knack gift shops. Especially when I planned out my trip to New Zealand, I did some research ahead of time in search for stores and items I wouldn't be able to find back home in the states! Pictured above is my favourite airport store, the Official All Black's Store!

Make sure to keep an eye for stores with unique local souvenirs and Duty Free Shoppes! These can come in handy for Christmas or upcoming birthday gifts!

3. Explore Your Layover City

Photo by Alex Chambon from Unsplash

One of my favourite airports for a layover is South Korea's Incheon International Airport. I had a 16 hour layover here with my family once and we spent the whole day lavishing ourselves with the myriad of free amenities the airport provided! The amenities are so diverse and range from free wifi and laptops, free showers, two movie theaters playing Korean and Hollywood Hits, an ice skating rink and an 18-hole putting course! And don't get me started on the food... if you love Korean food as much as I do, then you'd be lucky to find a long layover here. IT IS HEAVEN. Not to mention the tour buses that can take you on quick trips to nearby temples and sights if you so wish to leave the airport.

And if don't happen to foresee you next layover in South Korea, here's a list of the 15 best airports for a layover!

I hope you enjoyed my blog! Stay tuned for more from me! <3




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