The Quarantined Life: 3 Ways to Stay Fit At Home

When all the gyms in town closed their doors to help lower the curve of people affected by the COVID-19 virus, some of us with gym memberships had to resort to fitness at home. If you didn't already know, Bryce and I have a very tiny apartment here in Hawai'i, so we don't have the luxury of having fancy-schmancy training equipment. We honestly just have two 15 lbs. dumbbells, a yoga mat, an Iron Gym pull-up bar, an Rx Jump Rope, and 2 resistance bands... which now that I've written it all out, doesn't sound too bad at all! That's actually a pretty decent tool box for home work outs! But just in case, you don't have any dumbbells lying around at home, here are a few suggestions on how to get your work out ON.

edit: Many people are resorting to Instagram fitness challenges as well!

1. Use your gym's Fitness App to access their at-home work outs.

Most gyms have their own app that provide members with workout videos to use at home. I have a Planet FItness membership, and just a few days after things began to get serious for us out here, they sent out a mass email reminding their members that their app gives us access to over 500 exercises designed for people of all fitness levels!

2. Grab some fitness tips from Pinterest.

You can find an endless sea of resources on Pinterest, and when it comes to training at home, Pinterest has got you covered! One board to take a look at is Training at Home Board via Kalikiano Wana'ao. They've pretty much got it all on this one board! Here are some themed workout pins that you might enjoy as well:

3. Head on over to YouTube and search up some "body weight training" or "yoga instruction" videos.

Just like Pinterest, Youtube has tons of content for you to explore in regards to home workouts! This tip is pretty self-explanatory. Just look it up and try a video you think you'd like! I mentioned earlier in my first point that my gym is offering workouts on their app, but on top of that, this particular franchise allows anyone to view their Planet Fitness YouTube or Facebook accounts to participate in group workouts streamed live! What a time to be alive!

Bottom line, if you're fiending for a workout at home, there a plethora of resources at your disposal! Go and check it out! Mahalo and stay safe everyone!




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