BLOG & VLOG: Summer Day in San Diego

Sunny San Diego and winey friends? What more could you ask for?!

Hey everyone! Kirsten here! Here's a look at our summer day in sunny San Diego with our family and friends! Special guests are the birthday boy, Ivan, and his partner Arvin from Australia! We feature 2 wineries and a farmer's market in this vlog.

You can find the vlog up above and the blog down below! Enjoy!


The day started off like any other: keeping our huge birthday surprise under wraps and setting the course for the plan to take place. The yoozsh.

Arvin told Ivan the day before that they would be joining us for church. We sang Ivan the happy birthday song (with the help of our favorite explorer, Dora) and continued on our merry way!

The drive was an hour long and, of course, as we got closer to our destination, I got lost because the darn GPS kept telling us to go up the service route (which, naturally is closed to the public)! Bryce began to act as though he and I have been here before by making comments and asking questions like "wait, i don't think the church was here, was it?" and "oh yeah! I remember this road! Take this turn!" to help throw Ivan off of our trail.

FINALLY... I found the RIGHT road (with the help of another lost couple looking for the place) and pressed onward! As we ascended the mountain road, the roadside was littered with signs about wine and Ivan at last figured that we were taking him to a winery!

The Sunshine Mountain Winery was beautiful and picturesque. After reaching the winery and parking our van full of wine thirsty and ravenous road trippers, we were welcomed by a stunning view that overlooked the city of San Marcos as well as a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean!

Sunshine Mountain Vineyard is situated at hilltop San Marcos in North San Diego, California. The Vineyard has a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean where you can occasionally spot colorful air balloons in the horizon.

Before heading into the tasting room, we enjoyed the sun and light wispy breeze as we waited outside the quaint outdoor lounging area for our other friends to arrive.

Images above belong to Sunshine Mountain Vineyards

After everyone had arrived we decided to head inside to wine and dine! We were greeted by two sweet bartenders and the romantically saucy sounds of salsa music. We sat down around the bar to begin the tasting and were quickly informed that the winery prided themselves for having wines that feature "unique soil characteristics... with a taste of California wilderness, [and] a hint of European fineness". They did not disappoint. By our second glass (our tasting allowed us 5-or-so-glasses) we were all dancing giddily and laughing the afternoon away!

The atmosphere, staff, and delish wines at our first winery were all so great that we hadn't noticed that we had spent almost 3 hours there! So we said farewell to our awesome hosts, hopped into our vehicles and set off to winery number two... Miramonte Winery!

This next place was poppin' harder than a bottled up soda pop with mentos. The parking lot up the hill where the bistro and winery sat was all full so we had to roll back down to the dirt lot to park! Lucky for us, there was a staff member who constantly drove up and down the hill to pick up and drop off any patrons who parked as far as we did. We tried to fit all 8 of us on the tiny golf cart, but it was all WAY too much work for the little cart and some of us ended up walking up the hill any way!

The place was marvelous. As we climbed up the winding road we spotted the lush vineyard to your left hand side—at the very top sat the Flower Hill Bistro surrounded with tall slender shrubs, beautiful blooming flowers, and filled to the brim with people! We took the stairs to enter the place and were immediately relieved of the hot arid air by the the misters that graced us with a cool drizzle for us hot and hungry (since we stuck to wine and NO FOOD at the first winery) patrons! They even had a live band playing in the courtyard!

We all took our seats and sampled their Stuffed Mushrooms, Blackend Burger, 6 Cheese Mac, a few of their pinot noir and all of their different sangrias! Although I had stopped drinking at the first winery (being the designated driver) the trip was one heckuva foodie and wine adventure!

We left the last winery, said "see-ya-laytah" to some friends, and drove off to Temecula for a ramen date with our other friend!

The restaurant workers we SO sweet as they purchased candles (after we had asked them for some and they said they had none in the shop) and made a bowl of ice cream for our birthday boy! At this point we were all satiated and super tired from our trip...

We set off on an hour and thirty minute drive back home to take a quick nap and head off to the local Farmer's Market after! We'll be featuring one of the local stands there in another post in the near future.


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