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It's been over 2 weeks since the shelter-in-place was set by Gov. Ige here in the beautiful island of Oahu in Hawai'i. Since then, Bryson and I have had both productive and very unproductive days. One of our favorite pastimes is watching a movie or two on Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, or what ever streaming platform we can get our hands on. But what do you do when you've seen all the movies you want to see? Or if you just want to watch something shorter than a movie, and shorter than a 45 minute television show? For us, the answer is YouTube. We love to watch not only for entertainment, but also to learn loads of new things! I mean, that's what the internet is for, riiight? And no, (sadly) we are not sponsored by any of these channels, BUT we just felt like sharing these wonderful little gems with our readers in hopes that it'll help entertain you during quarantine as well! Keep reading on to see what we've been watching!


Let's start off with my (Kirsten) top 3 frequently watched channels... I've been in a mood that involves learning new recipes, minimalist/health tips, and just overall good times and laughs.

3 . E M M Y M A D E I N J A P A N - LINK

With a well lit kitchen, some peculiar recipes, a soft soothing voice and her regular exclamation of "hello my beautiful lovelies!" Emmymade in Japan has made quite the name for herself on YouTube! I've been subscribed to her channel for years now and it's a no-brainer that she's in the top 3 of my YouTube quarantine list! Emmy regularly makes and tastes foods that she's either been requested to make or is curious to try. One of the things I appreciate about Emmy's channel is that she will go out and research a recipe's origins and relay that information to her audience! Some of her recipes include a Smooth PB&J, a 3-Tiered Instant Noodle Cake, Oreo Rice, and Home-made Brown Sugar Boba. One of the more interesting recipes (as if the first 3 aforementioned recipes weren't already a little bit strange...) I've seen Emmy make is her Haitian Dirt Cookies. I love how soothing her voice is and her word choice makes her even more adorable! Watching her make and try them actually made me want to go out and try these nutritious bites as well! Don't worry! Not all of Emmy's recipes end up being a bit unorthodox,

2 . S A R A H T H E R É S E - LINK

When it comes to matters of living a minimalistic and healthy lifestyle, Sarah Therése is my go to. A sweet and loving mother of 3 with an ever growing fanbase, Sarah's focus in documenting her life as a minimalist and showing her viewers that it IS possible to live an organized zero waste lifestyle. I adore how Sarah always starts her videos off with "hola muchachos"! Some of my favorite videos from her channel include her recently uploaded Working from Home Routine, Decluttering [Her] Wardrobe, Realistically Organizing the Pantry, 10 Healthy Habits to Start Today, the 50 Things [She] No Longer Buys, and lastly what miss Sarah Eats in a Day. Being home all day (every day) has really given me time to declutter our small apartment and with Sarah's helpful tips it surely has made the process easier to decide what stays and what goes! Another great aspect of her channel are delicious recipes. My faves are her 3 Ways of Making Nut Milk, Healthy Meal Prep, and Drinking Your Way to Clear Skin. This lovely lady is a superwoman!

1 . G O O D M Y T H I C A L M O R N I N G - LINK

If you haven't already heard of the hilarious dynamic dyad that is Rhett & Link... well, you're missing out my friends! They lovingly refer to their viewers as "mythical beasts", are one of the top paid YouTube channels out there, and they're just so darn funny! Aside from their contrasting but very complementary characters and over the top reactions, I appreciate that the duo are always up for a challenge. Some of their segments include trying Alternate Universe Snacks featuring the creative culinary concoctions by Mythical Kitchen's Chef Josh, Putting Weird Things Through a Water Filter, Will It? Series, and silly Guest Star Challenges. If ever I need a laugh or two during this quarantine, I head straight to this channel right now. They've got over 14 seasons worth of crazy content! If I were to make a favorites list for this channel, the list would be far too great and I would be at risk losing some readers by giving them eye strain. From time to time their crew will join in on their shenanigans and make comments or actually be a part of the episode to add on to their already entertaining shows! Oh Rhett and link... Thank you both for gracing the world with your silliness and absurdity.


While Kirsten has been binging mythical challenges, random recipes, and Marie Kondo-esque channels... I (Bryson) on the other hand have been keeping up with world news/sports, trying to get hands on with some DIY projects, and learning more about the world of real estate.

3. D I Y P R O J E C T S

Although I don't have a specific channel I frequent, YouTube has tons great videos on how to do things on your own. This can save you money, time, and the hassle especially if you need precise measurements. My favorite topic to search is woodworking and some of the videos I've recently watched are these simple DIY Floating Shelves, a DIY Planter Box, and 25 Must Do Projects. It's the perfect time for me to start these projects since I've got a lot of time to kill in-between work and my days off! It leaves me satisfied in the end knowing I was able to create or do a project myself.

2. V I C E N E W S - LINK

This channel particularly caught my attention because of its vast media coverage of uncensored stories in today's world. A specific topic I've been looking into are world sports. The latest video I viewed was on the topic of the ancient sport called Calcio Storico, a kind of bareknuckle boxing meets MMA sport found in Florence, Italy. I think that it's amazing that this sport has been played since the 16th century, and the masses love it. Though many people (especially Kirsten) may see it as very barbaric and violent match... but in this telling of the sport's history (past to present day), you can see that even rival teams come together with pride and support for one another at the end of the games! If you're looking to gain more knowledge and insight of certain world topics, cultures, etc., I'd say that VICE is a great channel to head to!

1. B I G G E R P O C K E T S - LINK

This channel is pretty explanatory; it's everything you need to know about real estate and investing. I recently became interested in this topic after reading the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and it has always been something many of my older family members suggested could be a good passive income for me. I'd honestly just suggest the whole channel and all their videos!


Now... what about you? We would like to know what you are watching and learning on "the tube"? Leave your answer in the comments below!




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